Using gp test/tren E blend since last week. Total is 400mg/ml, as tittle says 250test/150tren.


Tues- first pin to quad. No pain right after. Lifted chest in the gym.

Wed- getting a little hard to walk from pain but not unbearable. This has happened with test e before so no concerns. Back day goes very well

Thurs pm- pinned my left delt. I've pinned delta before but feel like this time I went a little further forward than usual and only inserted the 25g needle about .75". Got a little light headed and nauseous during the inject so immediately pulled out after pushing and began to massage area (maybe I seeped some gear out). Later that night I had the usual delt soreness I get which is uncomfortable but manageable.

Friday- feeling better, delt pain is going down/ feel like it will be 100% by tomorrow. I do another chest workout bc my leg is still almost immobile. By the end of chest workout I notice my delt has become swollen and very firm. It was a little painful during the workout but I pushed through. Also has become red from front of delt down through upper bicep. Develop a bad fever at night.

Sat- delt is extremely painful. Still can move and flex arm with discomfort but the front third of delt and upper 3rd of bicep are red and very firm. No visible swelling just very firm to touch. Leg is starting to get better. Fever is down during the day but returns mildly at night. Taking lots of vitamin c, zinc, Advil etc...

Today- wake up without a fever but aching neck (prob from past 3 nights of awkward sleep positions from the shoulder). Still have a minor headache but day/night difference from yesterday. Leg is mobile again, only very slight pain but mostly. Shoulder is slightly more flexible but still very firm and red.

Any thoughts on what happened here?

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