I am currently cruising on 300mg of test e after coming off my blast at the end of February. I have cut the calories and with the loss of the bloat from the cycle, I am definitely getting more cut. I ended the cycle at 246lbs and am currently 232lbs and really didn't lose any strength. I have some t3 lying around and was thinking of using it for the last few weeks of my cruise to help shed a few lbs of stubborn fat around the waist. My concern is losing muscle mass and I am not sure if my dose of test would be enough to stave that off. If I can loss most of the fat then I can do a lean bulk for my blast which will be test, tren and mast. The other option is to keep doing what I am doing and add it in when I start my blast and do a cutter. I am probably around 16% bf right now and the goal is to get to 10-12%. I would probably dose the t3 at 50mcg if used during cruise and 100mcg if used during blast.