Hi Guys ,
started my first cycle this was my first dose yesterday.
first week 200mg increasing to 400mg t enanthate on week 2 and deca 200mg increasing to 400mg for weeks 2&3 then back to 200 .The thing is I have now decided to drop the deca and just do the t enanthate from now on going to 400mg till the 7 week then 200mg for the last week then clomid pct starting at 10 weeks .
Along side the t enanthate from week three taking proviron 25mg tab and nolvadex 10mg tab a day
on alternating weeks till the end of week 8.
Is it ok to discontinue the deca after one 200mg dose and just continue on T Enanthate ,should I adjust the dose of enanthate to 500mg taken as 250mg twice a week .
Is the proviron 25mg and Nolvadex 10mg sufficient starting at week 3 alternating proviron week three and Nolvadex week 4 and so on till week 8 finishes.
Is the clomid 50 mg ok for Pct

I am 45years old been training all my life.
i am 5ft 8inch 72kg 13% body fat .
Ive dropped the deca after reading how harsh it can be .

Please be gentle guys.