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    IML Osta Rx log/ Heady Muscle

    Heavy, Thanks for letting me log this. It's been on my list to do for a bit

    Osta Log

    Starting Weight: 192 Height: 5’ 7”

    One capsule upon waking, one before lunch and one in the evening before training.

    4 sets each

    • Decline Flies/ Dumbbell Decline bench press
    • Flat flies/Barbell bench press
    • Incline flies/incline DB press

    Drop set:

    • Incline Dumbbell curls/ 60/ 30/20
    • Super set barbell curls with hammer curls

    half hour (almost) treadmill running.

    Impressions and side effects:
    Got is going today. Felt light headed about half hour after taking each capsule.
    Probably calming down from a hectic day. I did seem to perspirate easy today. Raining here today, could have been the humidity.
    Workout; I was flat today, but I got a great freaking pump even though I felt like I was going through the motions. Ballooned up.

    Busy weekend and work slowed me down.
    I can’t say I didn’t notice much else. From first day.

    I am hoping to drop some BF and leave the muscle. Diet will be at maintenance.
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