My goals are to drop BF and gain my size back. I had back surgery in Feb and bout ready to get back at it. I gained some belly fat and lost my size.
This is my cycle i am planning on running starting May 1
I may run up to 3mths on the cycle 90days
Tren A 50mg ED
Tren E 100mg ED run this for about 40days at the start of the cycle.
Test Prop 50mg ED
T3 100mcg ED Running 50 mcg first and last week.
Tadalafil 15mg ED
Exemestane 12.5 mg ED
Caber Still researching the dosage.. First time taking it.

Below this i thought about adding
Deca Was thinking about 125mg EW for my joints
EQ Never ran it before not sure if good mix in this cycle or not.
ANADROL ? I got some coming actually never ran it before
I also have some mast but i am too fat for it right now.. It I can get the BF low enough I was going to run Mast and Test cyp.
When i come off I will go to running 500mg test cyp EW then back to 250mg EW this is when I was adding the var in as a bridge.

Let me know if you think on the cycle and if i should add anything too it.