We are aware of the recent issues with some people experiencing PIP with the Test. Olympus recently made an addition to his recipe that was ironically supposed to make the oil smoother. Well, some people are having the opposite experience. This is NOT something Olympus takes lightly. He and we reps are here to make things right. So to that end we will be closing for a few weeks, or until we have taken care of everyone with issues from the recent March sale and their Test. Olympus will be going back to his regular recipe of the standard ratio of BA/BB plus Cotton Seed Oil... no more additive.

For anyone who is having a PIP issue with their test please PM myself, Sliz or Mach with the following info:

- The email addy you used for your order
- Your COMPLETE order

From there we will handle everything via PM and/or email. Any further instructions will be passed to you individually when we have a better idea of the whole picture.

We understand this is an inconvenience to everyone. We will make it right. That's why we're closing for any further business until we have taken care of everyone first.

We appreciate you, your business and your patience while we take care of everyone.

I will be posting a link to this thread in the other PIP threads and closing them, not deleting them. Just don't need multiple threads running on the same topic. Keep everything in one place.

Thank you