Thinking about a little sale in the future. Maybe a little bogo on the prop again??? If we do this it will be a a very short run sale so keeps your eyes open for it.

Been seeing a lot of threads of guys getting screwed by other sources lately on dirty or under dosed gear. Fellas, you get what you pay for! And if you look closely at some of the more reputable sources it is really not that much more. Especially for the piece of mind that you get knowing you have a properly dosed and clean product. We had the price match sale for a reason and that was so people could see the difference for themselves. When these oppertunitites come up from good sources you should try them out so you can see what you have been missing (and so people don't think im saying we are the only good choice., Im talking the AY's, the WP's, the AMA's) In case you were wondering a McDonalds Hamburger doesnt really look like they do in the commercials Don't beleive the hype. Be smart, be safe and take care of your bodies. Because you can buy a 50ml of junk for cheap does not mean it's a good deal. It's just more volume of junk.

P.S We only serve high grade steaks.