I want to hear some amazing things that happened this week! Ill start, my daughter is a princess, one thing her mom teaches her is that princess's do work for the community. Sunday we went and bought four dozen flowers, dressed her in one of her princess outfits, took her to a retirement home and she handed out flowers to people who lived there. People who looked like they had no life in them just going thru the motions saw this 3 1/2 year old walking up to them in a princess outfit, smiling and handing them flowers lit up. It was honestly one of the proudest moments of my life. Next today while my lady and I were at lunch there was this kid in a bat man shirt sitting there eating, two cops were eating as well. When the cops went to leave one of them turned to the kid maybe 6years old and said " wow, ive never met a real super hero before! ". Just epic, when you lose hope in humanity make sure to change that perception. By simple acts of kindness we can change how others view the outside. So tell me something that has happened to you like that.