I'm 40 5.5 150 10% Body fat and have been working hard the past two years training. My training is solid (4Day split 55 min day with 30 min of Cardio on days other than legs), diet clean with good Macros (40/40/20- 2500 calories is my maint currently), get plenty of rest and no drinking. I've done PH once in the past but think the timing is right to take the next step. Looking at the beginner cycle and reading the stickies on the different compounds I have landed on the recommendation below:
Week 1-5 600mg Testosterone weekly
Week 6-8 800mg Testosterone weekly
Week 9-10 1 gram Testosterone weekly

10 mg Aromasin daily with the goal of keeping Estradiol between 10pg/ml-25pg/ml. Only blood work can confirm if you are in this range.

500iu HCG twice weekly.
Day 1-16 : 2500iu HCG every other day. (You may use less HCG if your testes are normal in size AND you have been using HCG on cycle, i.e. 1,000iu HCG eod.)

100/100/100/50 Clomid (50mg taken twice per day weeks 1-3)

20mg/20mg/20mg/10mg Aromasin (20mg daily for 3 weeks, 10mg daily in week 4)

3g Vit C every day split in 3 doses

10g creatine daily .

Any other advice to change or modify the cycle above would be gladly appreciated before seeking out sourcing.