What would be considered to be an optimal Test and free test levels for woman? My wife's total is 16 (normal range is 8 - 49 I believe) and free is .2 (. 0-2.2). Obviously I feel they are low. She has all her lab work but those #'s are what caught my attention. What else might be helpful info for a female?

She's 40yo and we have a 4yo. We may decide to try to have another child before it's too late. I'm sure this would impact that.

Her libido sucks and she's always tired. She would like to try a low dose Test and we'd keep a close on on her #'s. She may try the gel but I've read about low dose Test prop but I have no idea what dose to start at the get #'s to a better place. I figure that prop could be started and stopped quickly if any issues arrive . I've also thought about possibly doing sub Q injections to slow absorption which may help get more control over the total. Am I on the right track in this thought process or way off?

At what point as far as T levels go will a woman begin to see masculinization issues?

I appreciate any replies or personal experiences, good or bad.