Gear: GP test 250 / tren 150 (400 per ml)

First inject: quad. Bad pain for a few days. Worse than my usual virgin muscle test pins but survived. Couldn't walk day 2-4. No swelling or redness. Just pain

Second: delt: had some complications on the second (missed some of my shoulder and had bad swelling, redness, and fever). This had completely gone away by day 6.

Third: (1ml split into two doses, one to left quad one to right glute). No pain that day. By morning three there is very light swelling and redness. Pain has peaked but seems to be going away in quad. Glute still very sore (never pinned glute before, always used quads and delt). Kinda hard to sit. This is my concern. Fever from weekend is gone by now and arm swelling is 90% gone.

Fourth (today split .5 and .5 to right quad again and left glute). Well see how this feels tomorrow but I'm hoping the right quad is painless since it's been used recently. Arm from pin #2 is back to normal as if nothing hap

***Either way*** any concern for the pap and swelling from these? Is this just reaction to the high BA or gear or is it an allergic reaction.

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