Ran a Tren Ace and Prop cycle for 6 weeks recently and am planning my next cycle. Made good gains off of it, although the sides were a bitch.
I ran Tren Ace at 75mg EOD and prop at 25mg EOD. This next cycle I have contemplated switching both to long esters. I just appreciate being able to run more short, heavier hitting cycles throughout the year with less R&R time. I only ran caber alongside both of these at .5mg E3D and was wondering what else might help this cycle. Feel like I might be short changing myself in the end. PCT will be HCG at 500iu a week for week 4-6 and the last 2 weeks 1000iu blast before I start 25mg of clomid, arimidex, and continue caber. Anything I am missing for on cycle support or PCT??