Clear then cloudy then back to clear gear

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    Clear then cloudy then back to clear gear

    Hey guys, first time homebrewer here.
    120mL of Test E at 250mg/mL
    18% BB
    2% BA

    I filtered using bottle top filter (zapcap cr) over glass media bottle. When it is sitting it looks great, nice golden color and clear as shown in the first picture.

    When I pick up the bottle and swirl it around or flip it over to draw from and fill vials it gets cloudy and swirls. (second picture)

    And when I set it down and leave it alone it goes back to a clear solution after sitting still for a few minutes.

    Im worried that I may have gotten a little isopropyl alcohol in there from sterilizing things. Would that cause this to happen?

    What are your thoughts?
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