Thinking of adding in some LGF-1 LR3 for next cycle. Was gonna do 10 weeks of 300 mgs AY test E and 400 mgs Ay tren E along with last 6 weeks adding in M-Sten (Mike Arnolds posts talked me in to giving it a try). I would lasty like to add in 100 mcgs of IGF-1 LR3. I looked all over and seen many different protocols. Given my proposed cycle what would be best way to utilize it. First time user was initially thinking weeks 1-4 100 mcg daily followed by 2 week break then ending last 4 weeks with another 100 mcg daily.

So cycle would look like this:

Weeks 1-10 300mgs test E, 400 mgs of Tren E
Weeks 1-4 100 mcg of IGF-1 LR3
Weeks 7-10 100 mcg of IGF-1 LR3
Arimidex .4 mgs daily
L-dopa supp for prolactin control daily

Just heard you can't mix with BA. Any help or critique or heads up for unwanted sides would be great guys. Thanks in advance, I really appreciate it.