Training log using Uncle Z products

I really didn't want to do a training log, but Uncle Z has wanted me to try his products and I said OK. I find him to been a reputable guy and decided if I was going to training under anyone's products and logged it, he would be a good choice. I was going to start last week, but got the flu bad.

I say I kind of let myself go a little, I pride myself on being lean for a guy in his 50's. I am not really into being a huge guy, joints just don't want that anymore. My goal is simply this, to look like I have the body of a guy 1/2 my age. This will be the most I taken in quite some time too. With that in mind, I still do not want to rock my health too much. I decided to do 200 MG of Test Cyp, 400 MG of primobolan a week, I will also add in proviron at 25MG per day.

I think I will train 4 to 5 days a week, depending on work schedule. I am also adding 4 IUs of Genotopin and 5 IUs of slin on training days. Since the cycle will last about 12 weeks, I think I will add the slin in a few weeks and do at 4 to 6 weeks at a time with a break in between.

Like I said, I let myself go. I been natural for close to 4 months. My fiance from Romania is now living with me, so I had other things in life to concentrate on. If I can only get her to think about my way of eating now. she likes to make desserts. Frankly you don't tell a Romanian woman you don't want to eat their food. For the most part, they do eat healthy. I weigh 205, I say my bf is around 15 to 17%.

My goal is to go to about 215 and drop BF down to about 10 to 12%. I really not going to tell everyday about my training, but I can generalize it. I will try to log my DIET, including if I had 1 cheat day. I am happy being who I am, but I promised UncleZ I would logged this. I also like to show some younger guys, you can make great gains without mega dosing. I will take a picture now, but will show you the difference in 3 to 4 months from now.