So it's almost my third week in with the Deca. Dosing at 300 mg per week. Also mixing in a very low dose of test prop at around 400 mg per week. Using Tomox EOD and Adex every 3 days. The PharmaCon Nan D is spot on! Rotator cuff issue resolved. Hip Bursitis diminished. Tuning the diet it a bit more at meal 5 - After work I tend to have a heavy appetite. Packing 4 small meals during the day and train at lunch hour.
Stats 5'10
Initial Weight 230
Weight at Week 3 --> 219

After I get to around 205 I will phase out of the Nan D and run Alpha Pharma Mast with Alpha Pharma Winny.

Recomp is going perfectly thus far. Will def. need to put in more cardio. Now that weather is picking up mountain biking, hiking and stuff.

Stay tuned...