I just received my package today from SuperiorPeptide with
2 vials of Igf1-Lr3
2 vials of oxytocin
1 tadalafil
1 acetic acid

The package arrived incredibly fast!!!
Packaging looks very professional!
Vials/ bottles have nice professional labels and were bubble wrapped securely.

After work I always take a long nap. This time I decided to test the Igf by taking 10mcg subQ reconstituted in acetic acid. I administered it in the fat on my hip. It surprisingly wasn't painful at all.
I had a banana, a cup of oats, a cup of non fat milk, and 2 scoops of syntha 6 protein.
I then lied down for a nap. 45 minutes later I woke up very hot. I also felt restless, which is odd because I'm usually out hard and don't want to get up. When I got up I thought, damn, it's hot in here. I then realized it was the Igf that obviously kicked up my metabolism. Plus, I had restless energy, which is odd because I thought Igf was supposed to make you tired.

I got up and the put 40mg tadalafil under my tongue. I could taste the dense sweet taste of the tadalafil beyond the grain alcohol it was diluted in. I held it under my tongue, as alcohol quickly pulls the drug sublingually into the blood stream.

I then put 100mcg igf1-Lr 3 into a diabetic syringe. I reconstituted the vial of Lr3 with 2ml acetic acid so every 2 units in the diabetic syringe was equal to 10mcg Igf1-Lr3. My arms are where I load up on syntherol, so I decided to site inject Lr3 into traps, lats, delts, and upper, middle, and lower pecs.
OMG!!!!! Acetic acid burns like hell in the muscle, even though only 2 units of solution went into each muscle.
I then had a meal with 6oz extra lean ground turkey, a cup of brown rice, and 1oz of almonds. I was abnormally wired and raging for some reason, I think because I bumped up my test from 250mg to 700mg/wk.

I trained delts, bis, and tris at a very fast pace.

OBSERVATIONS: Extreme vascularity, most likely from the 40mg of tadalafil. Painful arm pump! I wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone at the gym. Some guy came up and said, YOU'RE REALLY PUMPED!!!
I was only interested in training hard and fast, and staring at the sexy girl with the big butt and huge boobs(has to be the test increase).
I was incredibly hot while training!!!
When I got home I took my shirt off and my chest looked huge like I had trained it when I hadn't, same with traps. My lats felt pumped as well and I didn't train them. I definitely had more vascularity in the arms and delts.
I'm still raging and wired here at home. Guess I'll get ready to take some oxytocin and make my oxytocin log. Perhaps it will chill me out. Will wait a few hours so I'm not too relaxed to get things done that I need to do.

PROTOCOL: injected a little over 8mcg Igf1-Lr3 in each trap, lat, medial delt, upper, lower, and middle pec. I'll most likely do this upon waking eod so I have all day to eat carbs and fill up with glycogen. I know I said pwo is best but I want a full day with Igf in my blood stream before taking my oxytocin at night.