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    Osta Log

    First and foremost I owe a BIG thank you to Heavy Iron for giving me this opportunity to give Osta a run for the next 5 weeks! For the next 5 weeks I will be doing a continuous log displaying my personal stats/encounters with Osta.

    My beginning stats: 5’3 weighing in at 131lbs with 19% BF. I have a strict “body building” type diet approx. 1300 calories. 60% protein, 20% carbs, 20% fats. 6 meals a day. My water intake is give-or-take a gallon/day. My training is also strict, I have a 6 day split day which is normally always heavier weight and cardio is limited to 20mins 3x a week. Okay, I think I have all the basics down.

    Now onto the good stuff! Today was my 3rd day taking Osta, one tablet with breakfast and 2nd tablet with my 3rd meal, I wanted to give it a few days to be able to give some sort of initial reaction. My first 2 days taking it I was very nauseous all day… I got my workouts in but didn’t feel the best. I think it was because I took my 2nd tab right before training so my pre-workout mixed in. Today I trained later in the day and I felt amazing, my training was not affected by it at all if anything more intense! Phew! Now my appetite on the other hand is hungry, hungry, hungry! But overall my starting days don’t have any complaints; it was a more trial & error type of time.
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