Age: 25
Weight: 240lbs
Height: 6' 0'
Body Fat: 10%
Lifting Experience: 11 Years Natural

Goal: 260-270lbs , 8% BF

Week 1-12: 500mg Test E twice a week, 12.5mg Aromasin ED

Week 13-14: 12.5mg Aromasin ED

Week 15-17: 100/100/50/50 Clomid, 40/40/20/20 Nolva

Diet: 5100 Daily Calories: 350g Protein, 700g Carbs, 100g Fat. All clean, whole grain carbs. Organic meats (2-3lb total a day) etc., multivitamin, cycle support, 1.5-2 Gallons water.

From my years of researching anabolics, I believe this is an excellent cycle for a first timer like me. Criticize, comment, and adjust to make sure its a perfect cycle!