I pinned 1.5 cc of test E 250 into my right delt on Friday evening with a 25 g 5/8 needle. I hadn't pinned my right delt in at least a month. I'm very clean about injecting and make sure that I swab and draw and inject with different needles.

As I said I injected Friday at ~8 pm. I went to work at 11 and by the time I got off at 7 I couldn't lift my arm. Saturday afternoon it was a little swollen. When I went to bed at 2 am this morning it was still swollen and there was a pretty large red mark forming.

I just woke up and there is more swelling and the red mark has gotten bigger. Pain hasn't subsided. Am I worrying too much about this? I've experienced pip before but never noticed this much swelling or redness. I'm guessing that by how quickly the pain started that this is irritation, I just want some more opinions before I run to the doc.

How long should I wait before going to the doc and saying I pinned some b12?