Hello all.

Just 'officially' joined the forum, but have been a lurker for years, amongst other forums as well, some of which used to be huge but now no longer exist. I'm 34 years old, 5'11, 190lbs, ~15% BF, and have been lifting for around 14 years.

Reminiscing of my first trips to the gym, If only I had the knowledge I have now back when I started... it's amazing to me reading and researching across the net, and training with different folks over the years, how naive most new lifters (myself included) actually are or were. It has taken me, seemingly, 14 years to finally get that mind-muscle connection and truly check my ego at the door, truly understand the impacts of diets, and have a good general understanding of how to successfully cycle.

I'm pleased with the wealth of information on here and look forward to continue reading, and now participating in threads. I'll also plan to post my "supplement" logs over the next 3 months to see how I progress in the gym, and hope to get some brutally honest feedback in the process.

Talk soon, fellas.