I received two (2) orders from UncleZ thus far. One was international and one was domestic. Both times communication and t/a times were excellent. I have ordered from other sponsors recently and the communication honestly was not even close. UncleZ keeps you updated throughout the process through emails and updates on the website, which is very useful and assuring.

The products I have tried thus far from UncleZ include Test E, Sust250, Dbol, and Aromasin. I can say that the aromasin definitely works, I started it early on as soon as I pinned the Test E and my E2 levels were killed in 3 days. No libido at all! I suggest waiting a week for the test to kick in before using it.

As my pinning technique got better there was rarely any pip from the test E even in quads which everyone usually complains about. I introduced the dbol around week 5 of the cycle and within a week I saw a difference. Pump in the gym was strong, definition and fullness of muscles was very visible. I would get such a pump in the gym I would have to cut sets short. During cardio my calves would get soo pumped I'd have to stop and take a seat. Dbol is definitely good to go, only thing I didn't like was how small the pills are, it's not a big deal but I lost a few not being careful.

I had blood work done around week 7 of my cycle. My test levels came in lower then expected. I didn't expect to get anything out of it after contacting the reps but then a couple days later UncleZ himself reached out to me to take care of the situation. I really respected that, most would be happy to let the situation die down and move on but Z insisted on making it right and that's what I respected the most and what really matters in the game. Stuff like this happens all the time, nothing is perfect but how it is handled is where it counts.

Right now I'm on the sust250 and so far soo good. I'll update when I am farther along with it but so far I am seeing more results in definition and vascularity is way up. So far I am liking the sust250 and have been getting compliments from people at the gym and friends and family that have not seen me in a while.

I still have alot of work to do but so far I am happy with the results I have experienced overall from the EP gear and the experience dealing with UncleZ. The ordering process with Z is very convenient and he makes it very easy which I did not find was true with other sponsors.

I also have arimidex and nolvadex from UncleZ but I have not used them yet. Once I do I will also update.