Hey guys/gals. I need help. I was injured in combat in my 20s - now in my 40s. The injury will never get better and sadly I am not able to work out the way I once did. And the pounds have been slowly adding up and I seem unable to do what is required to burn the way I once did. I am willing to take steroids to try to boost EVERYTHING in the right direction. I am learning about the various types and what they target and Winnie seems like it might serve several purposes for me - maybe help build up the muscle I need around my lower back, jump start fat burning, and give me a boost of energy to lift even after a full day of work and night of children. I am open to any suggestions. I am 6'3", 275. When I was spec ops I was 220. When I fought competitively I was 202. I benched 400 at 19, squated 500. I am 41 and not ready to give up... and the pain is brutal... and I am not one to bitch. Is there anyone in Maine on here - or NH or MA that can help me get hold of some oral Winnie or whatever you "experts" might suggest. I am not looking to impress the gals - been there and done that. I am truly trying to rescue my quality of life so I can play with the dogs, wrestle with my little boy, bend over to tie my boots without almost passing out from gut-interference... HELP, HELP, HELP!