So I'm a week into my cycle and I've jumped 7-10lbs on the scale. I didn't weigh myself when I first started(hence the 7-10lb range), but I know where my weight usually is and I had weighed myself at some point before the start.

weeks 1-5 Dbol @ 30mg/day
weeks 1-6 or 7 NPP @ 130mgeod (455mg/week)
weeks 1-7 or 8 Test Prop @ 100mg eod (350mg/week)

Aromasin: started at 10mg 2x/day but bumped up to 10mg 3x/day a couple days ago due to itchy nipples
Caber: a little over .25mg 2x/week
HCG: 250iu 2x/week

So obviously the gear is LEGIT, wondering what you guys do for blood pressure on cycle. Is hawthorne berry the best bet? The only thing that's not so cool with the rapid weight gain is that my blood pressure is reading between 130-139 over 80-90 pretty consistently and I can periodically feel it even higher. Flushed face, pretty consistently red the last day or two.
I've also started feeling a tightness in the left side of my ribcage when I inhale...I was freaked out at first thinking it may be my heart, but it's only when I inhale and it's far off to the side(pretty right under where my biceps rest while standing). Seems to be breathing related, like a strain intercostal...possibly stressed also from rapid weight gain.