Since I am currently running all ep gear from Z for my transformation. I am going to log my cycle here. The cycle will run approximately 10 to 12 weeks.

Age: 25
Weight: 199lbs
Height: 5' 5"

Cycle experience is 1 cycle of test e and dbol.

This cycle will consist of

Sust250 @ 750mgs ew
Mast @ 300-400mgs ew
Winny last 4 weeks @ 50mgs ed
Aromasin and arimidex as needed

Goal is to drop bf% as much as possible while maintaining and potentially gaining some lean mass.

Blood work will be done mid cycle.

Currently I have pinned the sust250 once in each pec, started on Saturday and then Monday. Will be pinning MWF going forward.

So far pins have been good, minor pip since they haven't been pinned in a while.

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