Really excited to try this combo out. My plan is to use 2mg cjc-dac for 4 weeks then up to 4mg for the final 2 weeks. Hopefully I can get more and carry on at 4mg per week a little longer. I will inject my weekly dose in two shots on Tues and Fri. Therefore tonight I will dose 1mg pre bed. I only have 0.9% sodium chloride water but that will do for now. I have bac water on the way.

I am not starting the hexarelin till next week. When I start that will be dosed at 25mcg morning and night. I will later increase to 3 injs per day at 25mcg.

I am hoping for fatloss, muscle fullness, great sleep, faster recovery and a general increase in well being. Gonna mix my dac now and inj a little later

I should add I plan to add 0.1mg prami every night and may increase to 0.2mg. This to help with any possible prolactin sides from the hexarelin. I will also use a small dose of green tea and will likely get huperzine a and will document the difference this combo creates.