My stats are 6'1 255 and 20% bodyfat. So right now im on week 3 of a test c and anadrol cycle. This is my original layout.

Test c week 1-16 500 mg per week
Anadrol week 1-4 50-100mg per day

I had to drop the anadrol down because of severe back pumps. Ive put on 10 lbs and alot of strength. I know I will lose alot of bloat when I come off the anadrol which will leave me with 500mg test per week.

My questions are since this is my first cycle what else can I add? I want to now but as much bf without losing muscle. I wanted to add tren e at only 200mg per week for 10 weeks along with turnibol for the last 4-5. I was thinking the turinabol bc I dont want to get dry joints from winny.