blood work results 4 months after pct

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    blood work results 4 months after pct

    hey guys, in october i did a 1 month cycle of chinese anabolic dragon. During the cycle i was always aroused and i gained a good amount of weight. After the cycle I took a month PCT of a test booster and an estrogen blocker (the prohormone said that it didnt aromotize to estrogen but i took an estrogen blocker just to be safe). right after the pct Around mid december i realized i wasnt getting aroused as much or at all anymore. My morning wood is almost non existent low libido and soft erections. I got my testosterone levels checked and my prolactin level checked and here are the results: testosterone,TOT,LC/MS/MS = 631. (range is 250-1100 ng/dl). My free testosterone is 108.5 (range is 35.0-155.0 pg/ml). Prolactin is 6.8 (range is 2.0-18.0) estrogentest =58 (normal is <130). It seems that my libido has been increasing slightly the past 2 weeks.Do my levels seem ok ? Im not sure im not an expert. Any advice as to what to do and any input on my results would be great. Thanks guys

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    Doesn't appear that your problems are related to any of those. The values are all within the normal range. Maybe a blood flow issue. Do you have any history of high blood pressure or possibly diabetes? Then again maybe its just that coming off the prohormone that had you feeling aroused constantly you're now suffering by comparison. Libido and performance can be affected by emotional and psychological factors as well as physical. Have you tried any cialis or other pde5 inhibitors?

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