Hi everyone,

I would like some advice on my second cycle, I am no means an expert but have recently done a 14 week Test E (2x 250 pw) and dbol (40 pd) cycle with good results. I took Proviron during the cycle and took clomid and novaldex starting 2 weeks after last pin for PCT. (ended 18 weeks a go btw)

I want to do a second cycle of either Sustanon 250 or 350?, and want to stack it with something else, but I don't have any experience with anything other than dbol. So I am looking for suggestions/ advice, or even if you think sticking to dbol or just sustanon?

My stats ;

35 years old
5' 10
10% body fat max, Athletic shape on small frame. High metabolism.Hard gainer.

Training for 3 years hard and solid, with 15+ years previous on and off.
Currently training max 6 times a week, min 4 times...each body part twice.

1 Previous Test E and dbol cycle of 14 weeks, with good gains. as above.

Diet consists mainly of chicken breast,beef, turkey and pork. With rice pasta and lots of potatoes, sweet potatoes etc. I aim for 5 meals a day plus Protein and gain shakes in between meals.
At least 3500 cals a day, usually more. I don't cheat very often, but I also don't gain fat easy, so there isn't any problem with fat.

My cycle goal is to gain muscle mass and definition, I want particularly to gain more chest muscle.

I hope I have covered all the necessary things for the post to be accepted. If I have missed anything please tell me.

Thanks guys