OKAY!!! So tonight i threw a deadlift suit on and havent had one on in little longer then a year, BUT this wasnt my suit nor one i would ever use.
It was my fathers old Metal Pro Deadlifter, HATED it...
I train sumo style and i could not get my ass to drop how it needs to (will post video)

So today i used this training as a "test run"
went to 405 without the straps to see how it would feel and did 3 when i do 405 raw for 4.
Ended with a 500lb pull but had trouble holding it and again my ass was to high.

Ever since i started competing at 12 ive used my metal sumo deadlift suit, but this year alot of other powerlifters been telling me to looking into Titan Velocity.
SO in October, Titan sent me a pink Titan Velocity Suit, i still have yet to put it on and honestly, little nervous to see if it will fit now..

Debating to drop back down to the 148 class or start competing in 165 being that im alot heavier and more size on me, and just want to hear what others feel and think about their deadlift suits
and which one they like the best!!!!

And remember you are entitled to your own opinions but lets keep it positive, each companies are amazing in their own ways!!!