Hey everyone,
I plan on starting a bulk cycle. Need help planning. I see some of the best cycles people post abouy are test/dbol/deca. But im having issues determining the right mg dosage to take. My first cycle consisted of tren ace 100 mg eod 8 weeks and test e 350 twice a week for 12 weeks. This will be my second cycle ive ever ran. Never had any bad side effects from my first cycle besides an attitude issue/joint pain. Been eating real clean for the past year. May 2013 i was around 270 sloppy now im down to 191 firm with ab definition. Of course my caloric intake with increase to around 4000 from my current 1200. Clean calories though. Let me know what recomendation yall have, ive also come across information regarding using other things with dbol if first time using. This true?
Age: 24
Weight: 191
Height: 5'11"
Bf: 15%