Hey everyone, I hope your Easter weekend is going well.

Im a long time dweller on this site but signed up because i have a question. The first time i messed around with steroids I only had Anadrol and decided to run with it anyways ( il save you the time , 'dummy' 'idiot' 'WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT' ) but in all honesty i felt great while on it with no serious sides.

I only did that for about 4 weeks at 50mg ed. That was over a year ago and im grabbing some sustanon in a couple days with some hcg and i also have about 60 25mg tabs of anadrol.

I was thinking of doing 500 a week of sust for 12 weeks and i am going to run the hcg during the cycle to keep the boys plump but i need to know how much hcg i should be using to do so.

The last thing i will mention is im thinking of throwing the drol in at 50mgs ed for the first 4 weeks but am wondering if thats even neccesary.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Lifting for 4 years on and off steadily for 2
i weight 220 lbs
I am 25 years old
I am 6 feet 1 inch
Thanks and good day everyone! (sorry if this is in the wrong place, im new here )