Alright Guys as some of you no iv been using uncle Z euro pharm gear. I'm starting my pre contest blast today. I'm 13 weeks out from my first show. I'm excited and nervise about it. I'm very proud of the progress iv made in the past year. Just having the nerve and dedication to do a show is a big deal to me. This blast should be pretty epic I hope!! I hope y'all will follow along and give me help and encouragement along the way.

I have a coach that's watching over me and my diet. I'm on a 3000 calorie carb cycle diet at the moment.

Im 24yo
4th cycle

heres my cycle
1-12 test prop (700) a week
1-12 NPP (500) a week
1-4 tren A (300)a week
1-12 mast (500) a week
7-11 tren A (500) a week
8-13whinny (50-100) a day
8-13 var (50-100) a day
24mg aromisin a day
prima on hand

i will be pinning every day. Shot the quads today. All is well with it. Lets do this. Make gains and get shredded!!