Hey guys I'm wondering if anybody has experience with this compound. I want to run eq and some other compounds in an "athletic" cycle I posted a few weeks ago. I started reading about this compound and it sparked interest having a short Half-Life compared to eq. It sounds like it has effects similar to eq or primo but I can't find allot of information of guys that use it. It is a little pricey but sounds like a lower dose eq or primo will give similar results.

Does anybody think you can use this as a sort of shorter ester version of eq? It sounds appealing because I can't get short ester eq and I hear some people have issues with short eq anyway. I just prefer the idea of maybe a 12 week cycle of dhb rather than 16+ with eq PLUS a month waiting for it long Half-Life to clear. Does anybody have ANY information they can share about this compound?

Please and thank you!