I am going to start a log to track my progress and so I can be accountable if I dont follow thru. I know a few transformation contest are going on now but I wanted to stick it over here just for myself.
I really started back at the gym this morning coming off a back surgery on Feb 26th.
I have had both shoulders done 1 in 2011 the other in 2013
So far this is what I am running
AI 12.5mcg ED
Tada 15mcg ED
T3 100mcg ED
Pinning on Saturday
500mg Test Cyp
200mg Deca
I am planning on running this log for the next 18 weeks.
I will be putting Test prop in the cycle along with Tren A.

Monday ==Chest
Monday == Fast walk treadmill --- did 10 min

I feel pretty good right now a little sore now and still having the numbness in my right hand pointer and index finger.
I felt more numbness when doing my chest work out.
i will follow up with pictures and some measurements I will tell you my BF is the highest it has been in a long time. It all seems to be around my belly thou.

I have ate the follow today
Breakfast 2 eggs and 2 Sausage plus water and black coffee
After workout
Protein Shake.
Black Coffee.