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Very acne prone, what to use for a second cycle

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    Very acne prone, what to use for a second cycle

    After my first cycle of 500 TEST C EW for 16 weeks I got so bad acne I now have gone through 2 cycles of accutane and have deep scars that are irriversible all over my face, shoulders, back and even arms..

    2 years later I want to try again. Is there anything I can do that are less likely to cause acne. Actually my severe acne only developed during my PCT and had mild during my cycle, going crusising for a second cycle as a TRT is insane, but a possibility?

    Is there anything i can run wich that i can keep most off when i come off that is less likely to cause acne? From what I know the less andogenic the better for acne. I have red some people getting ZERO acne from turinabol but what good will that do me, will i even be able to keep the small gains i will make from that alone without any test?

    For the record I am 24.
    235 weight
    6.2 feet
    10% bodyfat and training for 8 years
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