Customers of NAPs make sure you check and double check ur order. Over the yrs Naps is a reliable company and always makes things right, i have posted up gear pics and always satisfied, been layin low to see how things turn out.

Its inevitable that someday you will get be taken advantage of, my day has come from NAPS(unbelievable i know). First problem was waiting on order since Feb so i quietly and patiently waited.

Finally recieved and was wrong dosed meds they sent me 10mgs instead of 50mgs, i was back and forth with customer service today sent pic and basically they said too bad ur order shows you ordered 10mgs closed.

So check and make sure your order is inputted correctly. I know for a fact ordered the 50mg dose not 10mg dose. So of course there mistake has benefitted them not me.

Usually Naps takes care of there customers but this time they got me by sending me wrong dosed products, its very irritating. There mistake and i paid for it. Just be careful check ur order carefully.