I placed an order with Texxgears during their introductory sale with the 25% off promo.

I ordered a couple things I can't get from my regular sources and some Pregnyl (at 25% off why the hell not?).

They shipped in two packages.

The Humalog (yes, they have Humalog) and Pregnyl came in the first pack.
The Alprazolam, yes, Xanax, came in the second pack a while after the first.

All three products are pharma and g2g.

2mg of the Alprazolam knocked my dick in the dirt, I won't do that again.
Sticking with 1/4mg for the time being.

The Texxgears rep answers PM's and makes sure everything goes smoothly.

Just because I rep for another sponsor doesn't mean I won't give props where they're deserved.

Thanks Texx.