Quick background on me. I been training for 34 years. I am currently 54. I have been in several BB shows and know how to DIET. I am currently using 200 MG of test, 400 MG of primobolan per week, 3.6 IUs of Genotropin at 5 times a week and 25 MG of proviron daily. The EP line is smoothest gear I ever seen lately, you can draw it out in a 25 gauge pin. I started this cycle 2 and 1/2 weeks ago. I started at 207 and now weigh 217. I say the GH is making me gain weight that fast. I would compare it too the Lilly Humatrope I used in the 90's. I will go into what I eat and update things here. I train now 4 times a week but will go to 5 soon. I am Old school, believe in consistency and hard work to achieve things in life.