Hello Ladies,
I’ve just competed in my very first figure competition a week ago and placed 5th in my figure master’s division class C. I’m looking forward to competing again in figure and possibly physique in 13 weeks and looking for a solid 12 week cycle with primary goal to lean out. I’ve been training on and off (due to having babies/ an injury) for 4 years and in the beginning was 250 lbs and 46% BF but solid for contest prep 8 months ago which I started at 186 lbs 30% BF (weight gain back due to injury)

Current Stats:
Age 38
160 lbs

Goal: TO GET LEAN 140lbs, 8-10 % BF

I wasn’t able to get as lean as I could due to being Hypoglycemic and couldn’t do the traditional final weeks BB cutting diet. That diet sent my body into survival mode and I held everything before I knew it 2 weeks lost in prep. But that's what happens when you are a first timer and learning about your body. If you want details of diet, macros, training, etc let me know. This week I finally dropped the water rebound from drying out for comp and am back on 50p/30c/20f....also contemplating 3 day carb. cycling starting at week 8 and hoping my hypoglycemia symptoms won't be too bad.

Experience: Ran a 6 week cycle of Masteron, yes harsh for a newbie, but it got me very hard with no sides accompanied with OTC fat burners with it. Not afraid of needles anymore lol.

This round I would like to try VAR/Clen/ECA possibly T3 too but not sure about that one yet. ..Totally up for hearing suggestions. This is what I thought I would do:

Week 1: Clen (running this solo for 2 weeks since no experience with it yet and to see if I feel sides)
Week 2: Clen
Week 3: VAR/ECA
Week 4: VAR/ECA
Week 5: VAR/Clen/T3
Week 6: VAR/Clen/T3
Week 7: VAR/ECA/T3
Week 8: VAR/ECA/T3
Week 9: VAR/Clen/T3
Week 10: VAR/Clen/T3
Week 11: VAR/ECA
Week 12: VAR/ECA
Week 13 (comp prep/water manipulation/etc) Do I run any through?

Dosages: Clen start at 20mcg and ramp up to 80 and then back down over 2 weeks ( 2 weeks on/ 2 off)
Var week 1 start at 2.5mg two times a day and then up to 5mg 2x times a day not to exceed 10mg per day.
Not sure on dosage instructs for T3, I know that it has to be cycled up and down and I don’t want to destroy the thyroid.

1) Is the timing of these correct?
2) Can I run any of them through during my final week of prep. ?
3) Any other good combos out there better than what I have listed?
4) Should I even mess with the T3 and just do VAR/Clen/ECA?
5) Feel free to adjust the listed schedule if you know it can be better done?

Additional update: I have scheduled a thyroid panel prior to beginning the T3 but still value some input.