So I've got my Melanotan II and my bac water, was going to mix with 1 ml bac water for ease of dosage.

From all the places ive tried to research this answer, I have only found people who take MT II at dosages of .25mg /day increasing them gradually up to 1mg/2mg.

Im probably a type II skin type where I'm naturally very pale with no freckles and it usually takes me about a week - 2 weeks of tanning almost every day to achieve a normal/ slight tan. (this is after having to apply atleast spf 30+ sunscreen multiple times per tanning session (outside) to not burn)

If I'm looking just for a normal to slightly dark tan that lasts, how much should MT2 should I inject per day? Most people have taken 1-2mg/day but then complain of turning super dark or almost black which I am not interested in at all.