Ok guys. It's time for another contest! This is an opportunity to win some high quality peptides from Blue Sky Peptide. We all know an accurate, high quality peptide is essential to getting accurate study results, so this is an opportunity to give Blue Sky a try in your research. A winner will be picked from here on this board only.

Up for grabs:

4 vials of CJC-no dac *and* 4 GHRP-2 *or* 4 GHRP 6 *or* 4 Ipam (your choice)

The Contest:

Try to guess what old school game I am thinking of. It may be a board game or another type of game, indoor, outdoor, etc... post pics of the game with your guess.
If nobody can guess the game, I have a post number in mind, and whoever has that post in the thread will win the peps. But I'm sure you guys can get creative and figure it out.

Reeeeeaaaaadyyyyy? GO!