Hi, trying to design a cycle for a 50 year old who has severe cartilage damage in his knee. The doc basically said 2 more years and he'll need a full knee replacement. He also had surgery already done a while back on both his shoulders rotate cuffs. The man is a bull as he still wont quit lifting. My thoughts personally are as followed.

HGH 2IU (5 on 2 off) for first 5 weeks then bump to 3IU for 2weeks then bump to 4IU (at 4IU he'll be taking 2IU once in the AM and again 6 hours later (HGH will be taken for 9-12 months and will start 1 week before AAS cycle he will probably fit 2-3 cycles in while on it)

IGF-1 lr3 30mcg (5 on 2 off) 5-10 minutes before gym 3 weeks then bump to 40mcg 3 weeks and 3 weeks off. (Probably will start 3-4 months into the HGH and will be taken as much as he can afford)

GHRP <--- need help with this not too sure if GHRP 2 or 6 should be taken nore how it should be dosed.

TB-500 <---- need help with this as well. Heard it is great for healing.

01-14 Test E 250mg's (split between mondays and thursdays)
01-12 Equipoise 200mg's (split between mondays and thursdays)
01-14 Adex .5 2x week (mondays and thursdays)

(He's not looking to gain a ton of weight so I'm keeping doses low as to avoid sides)

PCT will be HCG, aromasin and Nolvadex (always works for me)

Help me out with the peptides please. And the reason I went with EQ is because deca is suppressive as heck and he has relatively good natty test for his age.. so suppression via deca wont be appreciated.
EQ from what I hear increases collagen synthesis just as deca minus the joint lubrication however also minus the nasty sides. Anyone have an opinion on this?

Any feedback will be much appreciated. He'll be in the gym 5 days a week with a great diet and workout plan.