Have been on 300NPP and 450 test E for the first 4 weeks. Now i just completed week 5 at 300NPP and 600 test e. Next week after week 6 is done i will be upping it to 400NPP and 750 Test e for weeks 7-8,also i just introduced GH for the first time in my life. looks like this

wk 1-4 300NPP and 450 test E
wk 5 -6 300NPP and 600 test e ( just completed week 5 now on to week 6) Also started GH on week 5, i am 1 week into GH
wk 7-8 450 NPP and 750 Test e, GH ( start this on monday for 2 weeks)
wk 9-12 450 NPP and possibly a gram of test, GH ( will dictate test on how i feel and if it is necessary, never ran test over 750 before.)
wk 1-12 12.5asin every night before bed , may need to up it as test gets higher
wk13 and on is cruise test of 300 with 5iu GH

So far in these first 5 weeks i have noticed amazing vascularity and hardness. My weight is only up 4lbs unfortunately and i am eating a fuck ton. My coach has me on 6 whole meals a day of WHOLE CLEAN FOOD. Bison, chicken, turkey, rice, pasta. No shakes all whole food and tons of it. 4000 cals right now. weight has gone from 192 to 196 in 5 weeks. Bf is still very low and i think this is the NPP. I can not seem to gain weight. I swear to god the NPP is keeping me tight and lean. Never have i run NPP before but damn is it blowing my mind. Gains have not really come on to to much as far as mass goes but as far as tightness, leanness and muscle definition the NPP is blowing my mind. I am hoping that as i up the test the MASS will really start to come on as it hasn't really yet. hoping as i pyramid it up an get closer to week 6-8 i will start to balloon a little as its my offseason. Also strength has a slight increase/jump, but nothing to major yet. I also added GH for the first time in my life. I have been on it for 1 week and i can tell you that it is kind of affecting my workouts and my day. I wake up every A.M and shoot 2ius. So far i CAN NOT keep my eyes open all day and it is interfering with my gym intensity and pump. i have a blood glucose monitor and my levels are fine all day so idk what it is. i am still pushing myself hard as hell, but man before i added the GH i was an animal, now im sluggish all damn day. i am only at 2ius and am working up to 5ius. but damn right now i cant function on 2ius so WTF !!! i heard this can be a side of good gh.... thing is i just feel the pump and intensity were better BEFORE i added the GH at week 5. Now i am just a zombie all day. i guess i just need to become accustomed to it over time as its only been 1 week. will not be bumping it to 2.5 ius till i feel better.

P.S - also i feel like my thyroid feels iffy and hyper towards the end of the day. like it has a slight enlargement going on. it only hits me around 8pm everyday and i get super sleepy again. Maybe the GH is raising my thyroid levels causing me to feel fatigued ?.

Pic was taken today. - 196lbs, 5ft 10, bf % is say 10

BOLDED is a large concern for me.