We at MFL have had to make some very important changes for the safety of MFL and as well you the customer.*

A couple things have changed with the way business is done.*

There is no longer a website. All orders and lists will be done through email only.*

The email that was used to order from is no longer in use. There is now a new email that all orders can be placed from. This email will not be made public on the open forums.*

The new email will only be provided by a rep. Anyone who has already ordered from MFL pm a rep with an email to send the new ordering info too. For the ones that have not ordered from us, you will still be able to order with proper screening. This is only to ensure the security of all parties involved. If there is any questions on this process feel free to PM a rep.*

NO emails from insecure email providers will be responded to. This is very important. So please don't send over an order from the wrong type of email and expect a response. Safemail, securenym, anonymous are much better options. Again if you want to order contact a rep via PM and we will inform you on the providers that are of a more secure nature.

MFL is very thankful for all the support and love that you guys have shown. We want to continue to provide the highest level of customer service and highest quality gear that has been given this far, so that's why we are taken some extra precautions so that we continue that. Just remember everyone to always be as safe as possible in all you do.*


MFL Rep....