Hey Bros, I haven't really posted too much just observed a lot. But I need some input on my plan going forward from here. First stats.

41 years old, 5'9" 213 pounds BF % 9.2
Been lifting for 15 years the last 5 I would say I have been all in and not just a hobby.
Max bench 425, Max squat 315 (got some back issues) max dead 315 (again back issues)

I have done about 5 cycles total over the past 3 years. My latest cycle which I am now on week 14 with 2 more to go. Tren (probolan by Balkan) 400mg a week, Test prop 300 a week, Added masteron 350mg a week at week 12. I will end in two weeks going off the tren and mast and cruise on test cyp at 250 for 6 weeks. I gained about 10 pounds of lean mass this cycle I try to stay pretty lean I don't go over 15% BF. Then I go down to around 6% and maintain that the whole summer then on to next cycle which leads me to my next question.

Oh by the way, I use ancillaries as needed Caber, Arimidex, Letro, prami, Tomaxifen citrate all at my disposal if needed. I rarely need much just a little Adex keeps me right as rain. Never had gyno issues guess I'm one of the lucky ones.

Ok, So my next cycle I wanted to try something different I want to stay away from tren I feel my body is kind of not responding to it as well as it did last year. Could be a quality issue though. I got my first 10 weeks of tren from A guy I usually trust but I think its weak which is why I switched to the probolan the last 6 weeks. Any way here is what I had in mind.

week 1-4 test prop 600mg a week ED pin
Week 1-4 Dianabol 50mg injectable ED pin
week 1-18 EQ 600 mg a week split in 2.
Week 4-18 test Cyp 600 a week split in 2
Week 4-18 NPP at 300mg a week EOD pin

I know its a lot of pins but it don't bother me. I have gotten good at multiple injection sites I have pretty big delts so i use those too. Main goal here is lean mass. The dbol and prop get the ball rolling. the NPP is because I am 41 years old and my elbows knees and shoulders are not as juicy as some of you young bucks.

But if any of you have any ideas to streamline this please feel free to give your opinions.

Thank you in advance,