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Free Pharmacom Pharma3Tren (Tri Tren) offer with purchase

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    Free Pharmacom Pharma3Tren (Tri Tren) offer with purchase

    Our most expensive Tren free with any purchase 600 bucks and over . Pharmacon Tren 3 is a Tren Blend containing 100 mgs Tren E , 50 mgs Tren Ace , and 50 mgs of Tren Hex . We at Domestic Supply would love to make deals and offers all the time . But at the prices we are selling Pharma Grade gear for as it is leaves very little room for profit , So sometimes when we have a lil overstock of certain items we can offer deals such as this . Remember there is NO 500% profit here with us . We are not making this gear at home . We are buying it just like you . Only thing is YOU get it delivered to your door in days without worries from Customs .
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