Started blasting and cruising about 7 months ago. started off with just a gram of test c a week for good gains then cruised about 8-10 weeks did a second cycle of tren and tren with no gains i think it as bunk but test was real so i threw tren in the thrash and cruised for about 3 months. just started another blast at 1000 mg test c, 600 mg deca, 500 mg eq wk. been 12 days and i dont see or feel any different. know it takes longer like another week or 2 to really feel but id feel something by now. heard when blasting and cruising your receptors get shot from being on so long even though you cruise awhile thats why im doing both deca and eq at a moderate dose instead of just one like most people will say. i just wanted to make sure i get some gains because i havent in awhile and have spent alot of money to get them. looking for any advice about how to keep gains going when blasting and cruising. im running alpha pharma line and all the codes checked out on the site. first time with this brand but i heard they good. im just not feeling it though. im up 2 lbs in 12 days and i think thats just from eating more. no strength gain yet.