What's up everybody, I will be doing a 30 day log/review of DS's Alpha Pharma t3 and clen..starting tomorrow!

I figured anyone could leave a review saying "gtg highly recommended" but I wanted to switch it up and do it almost in a log fashion that will take note of all fatloss and overall results during the 30 day period. I think this will keep it very interesting

I will lay my diet out because as we all know that is what will fuel the drugs and put the fat loss in the right direction, but remember this is a product review and I plan on having some remarkable results in such little time due to the help of DS and Alpha Pharma..and that will be shown during this thread.

Expect before/after pics, daily weigh ins, and overall feelings/mentality on the PHARM GRADE compounds being used.

Pull up a chair, subscribe to the thread, and hang out for a little bit - let's see what kind of results I can pull off with the help of DS