Question for you.. I have been reading through the forums and need some advice.

I have had 4 labs done over the past year showing total T between 153 - 261. At first my GP put me on the gel, but I didnt really like it... he then took me off and sent me to the "head" endo. This quack says, oh, you are ok... dont mess with anything. I pushed because I feel like crap and I did not agree that the numbers showed being under range. Not to mention, I had gained the belly fat, low libido, etc... He finally agreed to put me on 50mg of Test C every other week. I have read through these posts, and this amount seems to be a complete waste of time...

I had checked into the TRT clinics and corresponded with a few. increasemyt gave me an approval, but for $590 for 10 weeks, which seems to be a lot of coin. lowtestosterone was 199, but a minimum of 1 year (2400).. IMT was approved with just viewing my labs and showing a doc (no F2F)... LT needed blood and a F2F before approval..

To be honest, I am just a bit concerned that IMT was too easy... any advice?

Thanks in advance..